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Finger-joint panels are single-layer panels made of natural wood, mostly from beech and oak timber, but ash, cherry and maple are also used. Lamellas made from these broad-leaved tree species are glued together along their whole width and length, forming large blocks. They are strong and keep their shape well, which makes them ideal for high quality furniture and interior decoration such as staircases and window frames.


Mountain ash


Dimension: 36 x 650 x 2000

Price: 60 EUR/m2

                    dsc_0171.jpg dsc_0171.jpg


dsc_0172.jpg                dsc_0173.jpg


dsc_0175--1-.jpg     dsc_0176.jpg


dsc_0176.jpg    dsc_0177--1-.jpg


dsc_0177.jpg      dsc_0178.jpg

dsc_0179.jpg    dsc_0180.jpg

dsc_0181.jpg   dsc_0182.jpg






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